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BioRid® 40i and 46i aqueous sodium bromide solutions are intended for use as disinfectants, sanitizers, slimicides, bactericides, algaecides, fungicides, and molluscicides in:
  • pulp and paper mills,
  • waste water treatment systems,
  • air wash water systems,
  • re-circulating and once-through cooling water systems,
  • evaporative condenser systems,
  • sewage systems,
  • heat exchanger systems,
  • industrial processing water,
  • industrial scrubbing systems,
  • ornamental ponds and aquaria,
  • domestic and commercial non-potable water systems,
  • influent systems, and
  • wastewater systems.

BioRid 40i and 46i solutions control aquatic environmental bacteria, slime forming algae, bacteria, fungi, and related odors.

Both BioRid 40i and 46i must be used in combination with an oxidizer such as sodium hypochlorite (12.5%) or chlorine gas (99%) to produce hypobromous acid.


BioRid 40i Aqueous Sodium Bromide Solution
  Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

BioRid 46i Aqueous Sodium Bromide Solution

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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