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Animal Feed Production
Tetra Technologies
CowsDry calcium chloride is used in various animal feed mixes. In dairy cow feeding, calcium chloride is being used increasingly. Giving calcium chloride to transition cows aids in reducing the incidence of milk fever and other subclinical hypocalcemia disorders. The calcium chloride acts as a cation-anion balance, allowing the proper absorption of calcium.

TETRA's dihydrate calcium chloride products have the following elemental analysis:

Component Minimum
Calcium (Ca) 27.8%
Chloride (Cl) 50.0%

Elemental Ca and Cl data is derived from CaCl2 based upon an assay of 94-97% calcium chloride, with a factor for trace amounts of MgCl2 and NaCl of less than 1%.


Dry calcium chloride products available for animal feed applications include:

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